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Joe Rogan's Sauna Routine to Reduce Mortality by 40%

Joe Rogan is an American comedian, podcast host, and mixed martial arts color commentator.[1][2] You may also know him from his role as the host of hit television show Fear Factor or the UFC. 

Infrared Saunas and Infrared Sauna Blankets are widely adopted by professional athletes to boost recovery, longevity, and performance. See how Joe incorporates sauna use into his daily wellness regimen. 

Joe is also a fitness/health fanatic and often invites world renowned athletes, medical professionals, scientists, nutritionists, and celebrity guests onto his vastly popular podcasts. What interested us is the commonality between a lot of these podcasts: many of the guests and speakers love to talk about the health and wellness benefits of saunas and the dramatically positive impact using a sauna can have on longevity, athletic performance, and disease risk reduction. 

Side note: If you don't have the money or space to afford an actual sauna, infrared sauna blankets are a great alternative. Infrared blankets provide many of the same benefits of actual saunas but are far more affordable and portable! 

To save you time, we've compiled all of the interesting clips of each podcast into the short video below: 

If you're a reader, we've also summarized the key points below: 

Rogan’s love for saunas was inspired by Dr. Rhonda Patrick, a biomedical scientist who (after fascination with her work) came on his podcast and shared the benefits of infrared sauna use with his 200 million monthly listeners. Dr. Patrick explained the new supporting medical research for the benefits of sauna use particularly infrared saunas. She hosts an informative podcast on health and longevity called Found my fitness and is world renowned for her tried and true approach to total wellness. 


joe rogan uses saunas to reduce mortality at home sauna wellness benefits

Medical Studies Referenced by Dr. Rhonda Patrick on the Joe Rogan Podcast


Reduced Mortality Rate: The first study, shows frequent sauna use of 4 times a week resulted in a decrease of total mortality by 40%. Read that again. Every way you might die, decreased by almost half. Scientists followed/studied group of individuals for 20 years and those men that have been using the sauna regularly had a 40% lower chance of dying from causes that were not accidental. Incredible! 

joe rogan sauna routine reduced mortality at home sauna

One of the most remarkable longevity benefits of using the sauna is the ability of regular sauna bathing to not only improve cardiovascular and circulatory function but also reduce the risk of sudden cardiac death and fatal cardiovascular disease. 

This reduced risk for sudden cardiac death and cardiovascular disease among regular sauna users was also shown to increase the more often a subject used the sauna and for how long.

Cardiovascular Benefits: Part of the benefit of the hight temperatures in the sauna is that you have increased plasma and blood flow to the heart so the heart is performing less work than it normally would. The heat from the sauna also activates stress response mechanisms in the body (don't worry, good stress!). The heat will in turn activate 'heat shock proteins' which there's evidence that these proteins are involved with longevity. 

The activation of heat shock proteins during sauna use also prevent muscle atrophy. In a nutshell, sauna use can help your muscles grow faster and repair more efficiently. 

Disabled people that are unable to be physically active also can widely benefit from sauna use due to its cardiovascular affect on the body (which is very important): any cardiovascular improvement via sauna use can improve moods, all-cause mortality, pain, etc. Saunas are extra unique people you can help people that actually can't go for a run or lift weights but can still reap the physical benefits and stay in shape with using a sauna. 

Sauna use also improves the way that you age which also makes your body 'more robust and resilient'. 

Joe Rogan’s Sauna Routine

Joe Rogan’s sauna routine is 4x times a week, for about fifteen to twenty minutes each time. He says this is an average for him and he can vary slightly but mentioned that he never feels at 100% if he cant fit in a session.  

The studies mention how there isn’t any downside to using the sauna more frequently. One note is to ensure you hydrate adequate after any sauna session. Joe loves that he gets an incredible cardiovascular exercise experience when using a session without having to be mobile (the lazy but smart way of losing weight haha!). This is due to your heart rate increasing from the heat and positive stress. Using a sauna literally mimics moderate physical activity even when you are sedentary! 

Joe comments that one of the unique aspects of using a sauna that he experiences is that his muscles feel better and 'looser' and he doesn't experience as much soreness following a workout. Joe comments: "when I perform a hard workout and then get in a sauna after I feel like my recovery is more rapid". 

Joe also comments on several other important benefits with using a sauna, including reducing inflammation to a high degree, produces heat shock proteins, and he also comments on the sauna study from Norway where the men experienced a 40% decrease in heart attack, stroke, cancer, etc - he says using a sauna is a 'game changer' and 'phenomenal for your immune system'! 

Joe also exclaimed: "I've been using a sauna for years and I never get sick". Well, there you have it! What more do you need to convince you to integrate a sauna into your wellness routine!

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Joe Rogan’s Sauna Routine: 4 times a week. Fifteen minutes each time.