Outdoor Traditional Saunas

Frequently Asked Questions


Can you use an outdoor sauna in winter?

While many people have been using a sauna throughout the year, it’s important to know that there are benefits of using a sauna in winter. Seasoned sauna users can tell you, using a sauna in winter is great for your health. Many users will jump from the sauna into a ice bath for the cardiovascular benefits. Similarly, moving outside after a sauna experience can similarly effect your system


What's the difference between an indoor and outdoor sauna?

Typically if you’re using an indoor sauna, they’re going to be smaller than their outdoor counterparts. Outdoor saunas can get as large as 8 people while indoor saunas usually fit 2-4 people.


Is an outdoor sauna worth it?

Outdoor saunas are definitely worth it, they’re easy to install and maintain. Not only do you get great health benefits from using a sauna, they’re known to increase property values as well.