Open image in slideshow, POD OUTDOOR SAUNA - Sun Home Saunas
Open image in slideshow, POD OUTDOOR SAUNA - Sun Home Saunas
Open image in slideshow, POD OUTDOOR SAUNA - Sun Home Saunas
Open image in slideshow, POD OUTDOOR SAUNA - Sun Home Saunas
Open image in slideshow, POD OUTDOOR SAUNA - Sun Home Saunas
Open image in slideshow, POD OUTDOOR SAUNA - Sun Home Saunas
Open image in slideshow, POD OUTDOOR SAUNA - Sun Home Saunas
Sun Home Saunas


100% Western Red Cedar, Customizable, Made to Order

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Dundalk Leisure Craft Pod saunas are highly versatile, and can be configured in all kinds of ways to suit different needs and environments.

We've built this product configurator so that you can select anything and will always get a fully functioning sauna. We don't have "impossible combinations" or chances to select "half saunas". You don't need to be a sauna expert to build your perfect sauna package with this tool, so feel free to play around with all the choices offered!


In order to ensure that there are no negative surprises, we've included the basic necessities in the base price. The base price includes a 6' sauna room with knotty wood walls and knotty bevel roof, and comes with a 6 KW heater. All the upgrades are priced on top of that minimum option. That's a nice sauna even to begin with!

However, you probably want to add a few things, and that's where the extra selections come in. Let's go through each choice in more detail!


There are two different wood choices available for the walls. Both are Canadian red cedar, which gives great heat insulation, weather resistance and a pleasant wood smell. The difference is between choosing knotty or clear cedar. Knotty (select tight knot cedar) is more easily available, making it more affordable. The wood knots give a rustic look that some people like in a sauna. If you want a cleaner, uniform look, you can choose the clear cedar walls.


For the roof, you have 3 different choices. The bevel roof can be made of similar knotty or clear wood as the walls, and you also have a choice of cedar shingles. The bevel roof is made of continues wood pieces (specially formed planks), while the shingles are smaller square-shaped pieces. Shingles are more expensive than bevel, and in return you get a fascinatingly detailed look to the sauna sides. Whichever roof material you choose, all roofs are triple-layered. The 3-layer design with inner walls, rain cover and your chosen top material, provides maximum insulation and keeps the elements away.

dundalk sauna knotty wood with front windows

Knotty Wood

Knotty wood gives a rustic look and is more affordable than clear wood.

front windows for natural light upgrade for dundalk pod sauna

Clear Wood

Clear wood gives a more polished and smoother look than knotty wood.

porch knotty wood sides upgrade for dundalk pod sauna

Knotty Bevel Sides

The roof can be made of the same knotty bevel wood as the walls.

clear wood upgrade for dundalk pod sauna

Clear Bevel Sides

Bevel roof is made of continuous pieces of wood, knotty or clear (clear wood shown).

Dundalk Pod Sauna Cedar Shakes

Cedar Shingle roof

Cedar shingles give a fascinating, detailed look to your sauna.

shingle roof and porch upgrade for dundalk pod sauna

Easy installation

All three roof types are easy to install.


The porch and changeroom are optional addons that can be useful in many situations. The porch offers a nice area for cooling down after the sauna, while enjoying the outdoors.


The changeroom is useful if the sauna is farther away from the main building. It also offers a medium warm cooling down area for those times when the weather might not be the best. It is easy to control the temperature by opening / closing the two doors to the sauna and outside.

porch knotty wood upgrade for dundalk pod sauna

Outdoor Cooling

Cool down after a sauna at this 2' wide porch. Having the porch also helps keep the sauna floor clean.

pod sauna solid tight knot cedar


It is nice to have a few breaks between sauna sessions, enjoying the outdoors at this porch.

changeroom upgrade for dundalk pod sauna


4' Changeroom is useful if your sauna is farther away from the main building.

changing room upgrade for dundalk pod sauna

Comfortable cooling

The changeroom provides a comfortable changing space, and medium warm cooling room in winter.


The main choice with the heaters is electric or wood-burning heater. If the sauna is going to be placed somewhere where the smoke won't bother neighbors, we recommend choosing a wood-burning heater. The electric heaters are great in cities, or if the supply or storage of firewood might be an issue.

With electric heaters, you have more choice with the benches. You can choose either the 1-tier benches on both sides, or to have a 2-tier L-shaped bench configuration (with the heater on either the left or right side of the front wall).

With wood-burning heaters, the heater is in the middle of the back wall, so the benches need to be on the sides.


The choice between electric heaters mainly has to do with the sauna size: the larger the sauna room, more strength is needed from the heater. It is also possible to choose a stronger heater than the sauna would otherwise need, if you want it to warm up faster.

The main difference with the two wood-burning heaters is about outside or inside feed. Outside feed keeps the wood debris out of the sauna floor. Inside feed shows that natural light of the fire inside the sauna, making your sauna experience perfect!

saaku electric heater by tylohelo upgrade for dundalk pod sauna

Electric Heater

Electric heater is a simple, care-free choice for urban environments and provides plenty of heat.

dundalk outside feed wood burning heater upgrade for dundalk pod sauna

Dundalk Heater

Outside feed wood burning sauna heaters help keep your sauna clean by keeping the debris out.

harvia woodburning heater glass door upgrade for dundalk pod sauna

Harvia Heater

Harvia inside feed wood burning sauna heater lets the relaxing natural light dance in your sauna. With wood-burning heaters, the benches are on the sides.

2 tier benches upgrade for dundalk pod sauna

2-Tier Benches

2-tier benches improve the feeling of heat and are great for kids with families. Available only with electric heaters.

Barrel firewood storage upgrade

Firewood storage

Barrel-shaped firewood storage is a great solution for storing the wood for the heater!


The windows mainly depends on the other choices you make. The one type of windows available with all saunas are the two front wall windows. If you've chosen the changeroom, you can also have similar windows between the changeroom and the sauna.


With electric heaters, it's possible to have a windows on the back wall as well. The two back wall window choices are rectangular 20 inch by 30 inch window, or the signature pod-shaped window. The pod-shaped window will let in a lot of natural light, and provides an additional "wow factor" to your sauna!

natural light with front windows upgrade for dundalk pod sauna

Natural Light

Front windows are available with all pod sauna types and provide plenty of natural light.

pod sauna windows in front wall and changeroom

Changeroom Windows

You can choose to have windows both in the outer wall and between the changeroom and the sauna.

signature pod shaped back wall window

Pod-Shaped Window

Pod-shaped window lets in a lot of natural light (available with electric heaters only).

square back window upgrade for dundalk pod sauna

Square Window

Square-shaped window is a simple and affordable option for having natural light (available with electric heaters only).


As our gift to you, Sun Home Saunas includes essential accessories with all saunas: a bucket & dipper and a thermo-hygrometer, to ensure your experience is always at your preferred temperature and humidity.

Would you like more comfort when you take a sauna? Select the Deluxe Comfort Set which has everything you might need to make your experience even more enjoyable.



  • Bucket & Dipper
  • Thermo-hygrometer
  • Marine-grade light for the interior or exterior
  • Red Cedar Light Shade and Bottle Shelf
  • Two Comfort Neckrests
  • Eucalyptus Sauna Essence


Bucket and Dipper

Bucket & Dipper

A bucket and dipper are essential accessories for any sauna model.



A thermometer will help ensure your sauna is always at the right temperature and a hygrometer will indicate the humidity in the sauna depending upon the amount of water used on stones.

Comfort Neckrest

Comfort Neckrest

Comfort Neckrests will give you the proper neck support when you lay down to relax in your sauna. Comfort is rounder and more evenly shaped than most standard supports.

Red Cedar Light Shade

Red Cedar Light Shade

A marine-grade light with a red cedar light shade with you can mount inside or outside the sauna.

The Deluxe Comfort Set comes with all of the accessories you will need.

Deluxe Comfort Set

The Deluxe Comfort Set comes with all of the accessories you will need.

Full experience

The Full Experience!

With the Deluxe Comfort set you can have the complete experience of a perfect Finnish sauna.


Dundalk LeisureCraft Inc. warrants their saunas against defects in materials and workmanship under normal/residential use for a period of five (5) years, as applicable, from the date of receipt of the product by the original end-user consumer.
This warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear and/or natural weather conditions.
This warranty does not cover regular required maintenance of the sauna, (eg. tightening bands on the barrels, cleaning or staining the sauna) refer to your sauna assembly manual for maintenance guidelines.
This warranty does not cover misuse or negligence and the manufacturer and associated retailers are not liable for any injury or damage caused by the product.
This warranty is a parts only warranty and any service or labor costs would not be considered as part of the 5 year warranty.