Alternative to the HigherDose Infrared Sauna Blanket

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Infrared saunas and their portable counterpart, the infrared sauna blanket, have risen in notoriety in recent years. Today you can have them delivered directly to your home. Sun Home Saunas offers a variety of infrared sauna options, including a new high-quality alternative to the HigherDose infrared sauna blanket.

You've probably seen saunas and sauna blankets pop up on Instagram or, maybe you've read about them in your favorite magazine. Many of the biggest celebrities, from Cindy Crawford and Gwyneth Paltrow to Lady Gaga, have been touting the health and wellness benefits of the infrared sauna and infrared sauna blanket.

If you're new to the phenomenon of infrared saunas and infrared sauna blankets, don't fret. There's still time for you to reap the benefits of infrared technology.

It’s unlikely that you will wake up one day looking like Gwyneth Paltrow’s clone but using an infrared sauna blanket won’t take you off that path if that does happen to be your end goal.

Saunas and sauna blankets will still improve the way you look on the outside. More importantly, they are a tool that will enhance your overall physical and mental health, even prolonging your life.

Traditional Saunas vs. Infrared Saunas

It’s natural to wonder what makes an infrared sauna any different than a traditional sauna.

As you likely already know, a traditional sauna uses heated rocks and water to produce steam that heats the air inside the sauna. Traditional saunas can heat up to almost 200° F, making it a challenge to remain inside for even a short time.

Saunas and sauna blankets that use infrared technology warm your body directly using wavelengths of light that penetrate below the skin. The light raises your core temperature from the inside while keeping the temperature around you lower, preventing you from feeling overheated.

The overall lower temperature of infrared saunas and sauna blankets make your sessions more comfortable while providing more benefits than a traditional sauna.

Infrared Sauna and Sauna Blanket Benefits

 Let's briefly explore how using infrared saunas and sauna blankets can improve the look of your body and both your mental and physical health.

Short sessions using a sauna blanket can deliver an incredible number of benefits at once. Ones that, using other methods individually, would take a considerable amount of time and determination. A quick twenty-minute session can,

  1. Take your stress level down a notch
  2. Instantly re-energize your mind and body
  3. Increase your metabolism and burn calories
  4. Remove toxins from your body
  5. Relax your muscles, easing your aches and pains
  6. Give you healthier, younger-looking skin
  7. Increase your body’s ability to fight off disease
  8. Reduce the appearance of cellulite

 And that is just to name a few!

 According to Dr. Brent Bauer of the Mayo Clinic, scientific studies have even linked the use of infrared technology to relief from “chronic health problems, such as high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, dementia and Alzheimer's disease, headache, type 2 diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis.”

If looking and feeling younger wasn’t already enough. The array of significant health issues for which an infrared sauna blanket can provide relief is a pretty big deal!

It makes sense that scientists still need to conduct more rigorous studies to determine the extent to which infrared technology can help relieve chronic health problems. Still, it’s difficult not to find the prospect exciting! And, of the studies already conducted, not one reported any adverse effects. There’s no reason for you not to start gaining all the benefits infrared technology can provide as soon as today!

Infrared Sauna vs. Infrared Sauna Blanket

You may be curious about the differences between an infrared sauna and a sauna blanket. And you’re probably wondering if the beneficial effects are the same between the two.

The answer to the second question is a resounding yes! You will experience the same benefits whether you choose to have your sessions in a sauna or a sauna blanket.

In the end, your choice will come down to your personal preference, budget, lifestyle, and living space.

Of course, we’d all like to have a full-sized sauna at home like many celebrities and professional athletes can enjoy!

The reality for the rest of us simply does not involve multi-million dollar contracts and sprawling estates. Most of us have financial and spatial restraints that keep us from spending thousands of dollars to put a spa-quality sauna into our homes.

The good news is that you can reap the benefits of having a sauna in your home for a fraction of the price, even in the smallest studio apartment, using a sauna blanket. A sauna blanket is a bit like a cozy sleeping bag that improves your body and health.

Whatever your personality, whether you are a homebody or a world traveler, owning an infrared sauna blanket will be the perfect solution.

Are you more of an introvert who enjoys the comforts of home? A sauna blanket is your answer. Take a moment and imagine these scenarios. You drive to the spa, wait for your appointment, finally complete your session, and have to get back home. Or you own a sauna blanket that would allow you to skip the stress of leaving the house and instead gain the same rewards while streaming your favorite show. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Or maybe you’re more of an extrovert who loves to travel and get outside of your element. Leaving your home and sauna (or spa) behind for lengthy periods would prevent you from enjoying the benefits of regular sessions. A sauna blanket is light and portable. You can use it wherever you go. Simply plug it in, and it’ll be ready in as little as five minutes.

A new Alternative to the HigherDose Sauna Blanket

If you were already familiar with infrared sauna blankets, you might have heard of the HigherDose sauna blanket. You may not know that there is a new, state-of-the-art alternative to the HigherDose sauna blanket. It is no longer your primary option when shopping for a sauna blanket.

After spending years perfecting the technology, Sun Home Saunas has brought the future of infrared technology to you in the form of the latest and most advanced sauna blanket on the market.

 Free of all toxic materials and crafted out of premium leather, you will not find a higher-quality sauna blanket. Equipped with the most advanced technology and made out of the finest materials, Sun Home sauna blankets are incredibly light, portable, and small enough to use in your living room or hotel room.

 The Sun Home Saunas sauna blanket is easily affordable and on sale now at $200 off its retail price. It will provide you with the most health and wellness benefits you can get using infrared sauna technology.

 Well, what are you waiting for? Get your own Sun Home Saunas sauna blanket today! 

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