Sun Home Saunas Craftsmanship

Sun Home Saunas Craftsmanship:

Sun Home's saunas are engineered and constructed using the highest quality wood and state-of-the-art technology to ensure unmatched quality and performance. Every sauna is hand-sanded and passed through several rigorous quality certifications to ensure your investment will last a lifetime

As a wellness-technology company with years of experience in the infrared sauna industry we adhere to the highest manufacturing standards. When it comes to quality, customer service, and attention to detail, Sun Home is simply unmatched. This is why Sun Home Saunas was named the best sauna and cold plunge brand of 2024 by Sports Illustrated, Rolling Stone Magazine, Variety, Fortune, Forbes, and more.

Every Equinox and Solstice unit is ETL certified, environmentally sustainable, and emits no VOCs. Electrical Testing Laboratories (ETL) has been certifying technology products for over a century and is the oldest and most trusted product safety testing labs on earth. Certification approvals by both ETL and ETL-C ensures that all Sun Home Equinox and Solstice infrared sauna units have been tested and approved to meet and exceed all North American safety and performance standards, to ensure a lifetime of safe use and health benefits.