What is a Luxury Steam Shower?

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luxury steam shower

To experience the sensational benefits of a luxury steam shower, you used to have to visit a day spa or a luxury high-end hotel, which would end up costing hundreds of dollars. Not to mention, you are surrounded by other people and often sold into purchasing other amenities that you don’t need! Luckily, due to technology advancements you can experience a luxury steam shower right in your own home. And the best part, it’s relatively inexpensive and doesn’t require renovation or construction costs! 

I’m sure you have been hearing about how homeowners are investing in a luxury steam shower to produce a luxury spa vibe and element within their home, but we also discovered that by installing a luxury steam shower or infrared sauna in your home, your property value will often increase! Think about it, if you are looking at putting in an offer on a home and your top two are relatively identical but one comes with a luxury steam shower or infrared sauna, which would you choose? I think the home with the luxury steam shower, of course!

But wait...what is a luxury steam shower anyways? 

In a nutshell, a luxury steam shower is a high temperature, humid steam enclosure that barely requires any time to produce heat - just like an infrared sauna or Jacuzzi spa! It also replaces your ordinary shower so you don’t have to worry about taking up too much space for your luxury steam shower!

The benefits of a luxury steam shower are tremendous! Just a few of the powerful healing properties of a luxury steam shower include skin health, improved sinus function, relaxation and detox, muscle and joint health, and even respiratory benefits! Not to mention you get to spend 30-60 minutes in a blissful and luxurious state of relaxation all by yourself! (or with a partner if you are into that kind of thing). When you are finished with using your luxury steam shower, you simply turn on your normal shower for a rejuvenating rinse-off!

If you are looking to purchase a luxury steam shower of your own, then look no further! Sun Home is a premium provider of Maya Bath luxury steam shower, which is the leading brand in the industry. Feel free to contact us for more information and special discounts! 

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