Luminar™ Outdoor Sauna Information

Congratulations on the purchase of your new sauna. The Luminar Outdoor models are without a doubt the best outdoor infrared saunas on the market and will provide you with a lifetime of wellness. 

Here is some important information regarding weather restrictions and your outdoor sauna. In addition, here is a helpful assembly video. 
1) The outdoor infrared saunas are rated to stand up to about a foot of snow only. Please ensure snow is removed from the base and roof of the sauna. 
2) The sauna needs to be placed where there is never standing water, so building it directly onto dirt or grass is not recommended but up to your discretion. We recommend an elevated concrete or wood base if possible. 
3) For saunas placed directly in weather without any protection, installation of the included cover is required at all times to safeguard your sauna and to maintain the warranty. Failure to cover the sauna may result in damage that could void the warranty as moisture can easily get into the sauna and damage the electronics. We advise not placing your sauna unprotected if your area receives periods of precipitation. See more information on the cover HERE. In addition, this optional Gazebo is an aesthetically pleasing structure that will provide sufficient protection for the sauna. 
4) The infrared heaters will have trouble reaching optimal temperatures when 40 degrees F or lower. It is advised to not use the sauna at all at temps of 25 degrees F or less. 

5) All electrical wiring must be performed by a qualified and licensed electrician with complete knowledge of local codes and regulations. Costs of hiring an electrician can vary greatly depending on several factors such as your sauna’s distance from your electrical service box, the state you live in, and the cost of materials. We recommend you get quotes from 2 to 3 different licensed electricians before you begin the installation
. The heater requires 240V power and is equipped with a NEMA plug for your convenience. 
6) The freight delivery is CURBSIDE only - they will not bring the pallet to your door. Please be prepared for this. 

7) We recommend cleaning the inside of your sauna regularly to keep it looking and working its best. Never use chemicals inside your sauna! They can damage the wood and you may breathe them in when the sauna heats up.


8) After you’ve used the sauna, wipe up and perspiration with a dry towel and leave the door open so the inside can dry out. At regular intervals give the interior a sweep or vacuum. If you notice stains from dirt or perspiration, use warm water and gently scrub the spots, or a low-pressure washer with a wide-pattern nozzle and spray the spots. You can also buff away stubborn stains and scuffs with a piece of fine-grit sandpaper.


9) This product may cause excessive happiness - proceed with caution.