Traditional Sauna Information

Congratulations on taking the leap into optimal wellness with a Sun Home sauna. Heat therapy is one of the best investments you can make in improving the performance of your body and mind. Before your sauna arrives, we would like to send you some important information to review: 


  • The unit will arrive curbside only so please be prepared with a dolly or similar tool to transport it to your desired location 
  • To ensure your sauna arrives safely and undamaged during shipping it will arrive in a shipping crate that looks similar to the image below. The unboxing of the crate is easy and takes approximately 15 minutes. A flathead screwdriver or hammer can be used to unsecure the clips on all ends of each panel of the crate. Essentially, you would do a reverse of the assembly video to uninstall.


All electrical wiring must be performed by a qualified and licensed electrician with complete knowledge of local codes and regulations. Costs of hiring an electrician can vary greatly depending on several factors such as your sauna’s distance from your electrical service box, the state you live in, and the cost of materials. We recommend you get quotes from 2 to 3 different licensed electricians before you begin the installation. It's very easy to find electricians on the Thumbtack or Taskrabbit smartphone app. 

See heater installation manual here.

See wiring information here


We recommend cleaning the inside of your sauna regularly to keep it looking and working its best. Never use chemicals inside your sauna! They can damage the wood and you may breathe them in when the sauna heats up.

After you’ve used the sauna, wipe up and perspiration with a dry towel and leave the door open so the inside can dry out. At regular intervals give the interior a sweep or vacuum. If you notice stains from dirt or perspiration, use warm water and gently scrub the spots, or a low-pressure washer with a wide-pattern nozzle and spray the spots. You can also buff away stubborn stains and scuffs with a piece of fine-grit sandpaper.

Be sure to keep the sauna away from any moisture or weather elements due to the electrical components and the wood being untreated and unstained which can cause damage to your sauna.


Like any outdoor structure, mold can develop as a result of moisture getting trapped inside the sauna. This is especially true for saunas as the bathers will sweat, releasing additional moisture into the air which can be absorbed into the wood. The key to preventing mold from forming is to ensure the inside of the sauna is dry.

After you have finished each sauna session, leave the door fully open so that the wood can dry out. The flooring can be lifted and placed outside to dry faster. Before closing the door, wipe the side of the sauna (walls/roof, benches, flooring, etc.) with a dry towel or cloth to remove any remaining moisture. If you are using your sauna regularly (i.e., multiple times a week), this ventilation should largely prevent mold formation.

If you are not using your sauna regularly, run a dehumidifier and/or fan inside the sauna to keep air circulating (ensure you are emptying the dehumidifier water tank regularly). Also place desiccants (e.g., a commercial desiccant such Damp-Rid or non-commercial desiccant such as charcoal briquettes/kitty litter) on dishes and place them around the inside of the sauna.

If you are seeing mold in the sauna, this should be treated early before it has time to grow and take hold. Clean the affected area to remove the mold. The wood can be cleaned with soapy water, white vinegar, or sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). If you are unable to remove the mold with these solutions, try stronger cleaning agents (such as diluted bleach) or sanding the area with sandpaper. Any rags, etc. that come into contact with the mold must be disposed of. Proper protective equipment (safety goggles, breathing mask, etc.) must be worn when removing mold.

Do not consume alcohol prior to using your sauna, do not apply any type of creams or lotions or oils as this can block your skin pores, leading to lower perspiration levels, you also do not want to wear any large jewelry pieces when using the sauna.