Open image in slideshow, PANORAMIC OUTDOOR SAUNA - Sun Home Saunas
Open image in slideshow, PANORAMIC OUTDOOR SAUNA - Sun Home Saunas
Open image in slideshow, PANORAMIC OUTDOOR SAUNA - Sun Home Saunas
Open image in slideshow, PANORAMIC OUTDOOR SAUNA - Sun Home Saunas
Open image in slideshow, PANORAMIC OUTDOOR SAUNA - Sun Home Saunas
Open image in slideshow, PANORAMIC OUTDOOR SAUNA - Sun Home Saunas
Open image in slideshow, PANORAMIC OUTDOOR SAUNA - Sun Home Saunas
Sun Home Saunas


100% Western Red Cedar, Customizable, Made to Order

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The Panoramic Barrel Outdoor Sauna is custom made, based on your needs and come with an acrylic dome that opens up a full outside view from the sauna! This means you get one of the best saunas available in the U.S., with a wide range of optional configurations to create your ideal sauna experience.

The sauna configurator at the top of this page will help you easily select and price each of the available options. What are the options? See the information below for a detailed explanation to help you configure the perfect sauna for your home.



A traditional wood-burning heater or a modern electric heater - which is the best?

As the decision is very personal, it's impossible to say that one or the other is the best choice for everyone. Here are some details about each that we will help you choose the one that best fits your lifestyle.

The wood-burning heater is the most traditional option. If you install your sauna in a location without easy access to electricity and know how to light a fire yourself, the wood-burning heater is an excellent choice that we highly recommend. With this option, you can choose between an inside- or outside-feed for the wood.


The electric heater is preferred by some people because it’s convenient and simple to use. It can be turned on and off with just the click of a button. Plus, you don't have to worry about acquiring or storing any firewood.

Both heaters will offer a powerful heat experience that will have you enjoying your sauna for years to come.

dundalk barrel sauna clear wood electric heater

Electric Heater

Electric heater is a simple and carefree heater choice.

Electric Heater

dundalk barrel sauna inside feed heater

Wood-burning inside feed heater

dundalk barrel sauna inside feed heater

Wood-burning inside feed heater

Barrel firewood storage upgrade

Firewood storage



Adding a porch and/or a changeroom will make your sauna much more sophisticated, beautiful and practical.

A changeroom is an excellent choice for colder climates or areas where weather can change unexpectedly. This space allows you to transition more easily between the hot sauna and cold exterior. The changeroom adds 4 feet to your sauna.

The porch provides a sheltered space for cooling off post-sauna and keeping rain and snow away from your door. The porch adds 2 feet to your sauna.



The extra roof for these saunas is optional. The barrel design will keep practically all rain water out of the sauna, but after dry periods (when the wood dries and contracts), a few drops of water might seep in through the wood. While this won't decrease the sauna life span, it’s an aesthetic issue for some people.

The EPDM Rubber Roof upgrade makes the sauna 100% waterproof. A high-density rubber (designed especially for use in roofs) is held in place by full length cedar slats to maintain the natural appearance of your sauna.

The wooden cove is a good alternative if you don't select a porch. It keeps the rain and snow away from the sauna door, and provides a unique, finished appearance.



The window in the door comes standard with all saunas. You have the option to add additional windows in the front wall. The front wall windows on both sides of the door let in a lot of natural light. If you select the changeroom option, you can also add extra windows next to that door. It is nice to sit in the changeroom between sauna sessions, and to be able to see out.



Every sauna includes standard benches. You can opt to keep the standard benches however we recommend adding a flat floor. A level surface makes it more comfortable to walk inside the sauna.

You can also choose one of these bench upgrades:

The Signature Upgrade includes curved, park-style benches, giving the sauna a very detailed and finished look. This upgrade includes a flat floor.

The Lounge Upgrade (available with 7'x7' and 7'x8' saunas) gives you the option to turn your flat bench into a personalized lounge chair. The reclining option gives support to your back and legs which offers the ultimate relaxation experience. This upgrade includes a flat floor.

Both Signature and Lounge upgrades come with cedar slats between the bench and the flat floor. It gives the sauna a very sophisticated look. Both upgrades also include the full length backrests inside the sauna (choose this option also changeroom if you'd like the benches to match).


dundalk barrel sauna lounge seat2

Lounge Interior

dundalk sauna lounge seats settings

Versatile Angles

dundalk barrel sauna signature seats

Signature Interior

dundalk sauna flat floor clear wood2

Standard Benches/Flat Floor


As our gift to you, Divine Saunas includes essential accessories with all saunas: a bucket & dipper and a thermo-hygrometer, to ensure your experience is always at your preferred temperature and humidity.

Would you like more comfort when you take a sauna? Select the Deluxe Comfort Set which has everything you might need to make your experience even more enjoyable.


  • Bucket & Dipper
  • Thermo-hygrometer
  • Marine-grade light for the interior or exterior
  • Red Cedar Light Shade and Bottle Shelf
  • Two Comfort Neckrests
  • Eucalyptus Sauna Essence
Bucket and Dipper

Bucket & Dipper



Comfort Neckrest

Comfort Neckrest

Red Cedar Light Shade

Red Cedar Light Shade

The Deluxe Comfort Set comes with all of the accessories you will need.

Deluxe Comfort Set

Full experience

The Full Experience!


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