What's The Best Massage Chair?

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Zero gravity massage chair

Are you trying to find the best massage chair? Just like infrared sauna blanket and luxury steam showers, massage chairs are a token of lavish comfortability. However, shopping for the best massage chair can be extremely daunting. There are so many options and varying price ranges, your head will spend just trying to narrow down your top choices! 


Massage recliner chair

There are so many different types of massage chairs (e.g. zero gravity massage chair, back massager only, massage recliner chair, etc), and so many of them just vibrate instead of providing medical or ‘real’ massages! We’ve gone ahead and performed the heavy lifting to make the decision a little easier for you: 


There are 2021 massage chair models that have recently been released by Medical Breakthrough that provide state-of-the-art technology to take your relaxation and derived benefits to the next level. 


A few unique features of Medical Breakthrough’s newest massage chair models include: 

  • The first massage chair ever designed to help you fall asleep via zero-gravity technology 
  • A full body stretch functionality that maintains your hips positioning while stretching out your legs! 
  • Quite mode - yeah, she whispers quite. Almost like the Tesla of massage chairs. 
  • Hip Twist functionality takes your stretching to the next level that can twist your hips from side to side. This unique feature promotes longevity, energy, and balance 
  • Medical Breakthrough massage chair actually are the first to develop a complete foot massage therapy system with more rollers and air pressures than any other zero gravity massage chair, recliner massage chair, or close competitor 
  • You can’t forget taking care of your hands with massage chairs, they are equally important! Each one of their massage chairs includes a unique system that uses several techniques to fully massage and relax every component of your hand
  • Another unique feature of the Medical Breakthrough massage chairs that is second-to-none is their 4D massage system. What this means is that they are the only massage chair conduct extremely deep tissue massage across your entire back, neck, and in even the exact form of your spine so your entire body can benefit from the healing benefits of the massage chair 


Massage office chair


As you can tell, the best massage chairs come supplied with a variety of tech, features, massaging options, and even sizes. What you really want to make sure of is that the massage chair can provide professional-grade therapeutic massage. With recent advancements, the message massage chair performs a lot more than just simply work on your back.  The best massage chair provides zero gravity and can provide professional massage and support on your legs and feet, neck, hips, forearms, hands, and even the tips of your fingers! In addition to the fact that you can experience medical-grade massages in your home, massage parlors and spas are becoming increasingly obsolete - and for good reason!


Zero gravity massage chair


The best recliner massage chairs are physically appealing and approve the aesthetic of your home, feature-rich, and are built to last.  The ultimate massage chair will provide lifelong wellness and comfort for your family and will last a lifetime!

So goodbye to appointments, sitting in used chairs, or being touched by a stranger, your own personal massage chair will create a sanctuary right in your home! 


An interesting fact is that it takes a very long time to produce the design and functionality of a massage chair. Every top massage chair brand is designed in Japan and China. No, not because labor is cheaper, but because that’s where the massage chair was created and where the top engineers in the space are! Asian culture is the very heart of massage chair’s and its functionality. Less than 50 percent of the challenge is building the hardware for the massage chair, the largest challenge is the engineering, framework, and software! It has to not just operate well, but feel amazing, look great, and operate intuitively. Massage chairs are an extremely complex machine but the software and design makes it easy enough for virtually anyone to use without a manual!

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