Dr Oz on Infrared Saunas

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Dr Oz on Infrared Saunas

These days, Dr. Mehmet Oz might be best-known for being Pennsylvania’s senate candidate. Before he threw his hat in the political ring, though, he was a famous doctor who had his own TV show.

 Dr. Oz has introduced people to all kinds of health and wellness tools over the years, including the infrared sauna. He even got Oprah Winfrey interested in this device years ago!

What does Dr. Oz say about infrared sauna use? Read on to find out.

What Is an Infrared Sauna?

Before we talk in more detail about the infrared sauna and Dr. Oz’s opinions on it, let’s go over what this type of sauna is and how it works.

An infrared sauna or Infrared Sauna Blanket uses infrared light to generate heat. It’s also known as a far infrared sauna — the “far” comes from where the waves fall on the light spectrum.

 Infrared saunas heat the body directly. Traditional saunas, on the other hand, heat the air around you, which in turn heats your body.

 Oz explained this to Oprah by saying that the infrared sauna “makes the same rays that come from the sun” while filtering out UV radiation. Only infrared radiation is left, and it is lightly absorbed into the skin. This heats the body without overheating the external environment.

Because the body gets heated directly in an infrared sauna, you can increase your body temperature faster and at lower temperatures compared to those created by a traditional sauna. This allows you to experience benefits sooner, too.

Far Infrared Sauna Benefits

There are lots of reasons why Dr. Oz introduced Oprah to infrared sauna and Infrared Sauna Blanket  usage and has been talking about it for over a decade. The following are some of the top far infrared sauna benefits Dr. Oz has reported:

Faster Weight Loss

One of the most well-known benefits of an infrared sauna or Infrared Sauna Blanket is the fact that it can boost metabolism and speed up weight loss efforts.

When speaking to Oprah about infrared sauna weight loss, Dr. Oz explained that this tool increases blood circulation and gets the heart beating faster. This causes you to burn more calories even while sitting still.

Some studies show that sitting in a sauna helps you burn up to 600 calories in one session!

Better Heart Health

Dr. Oz has also discussed a study backing up the positive benefits of an infrared sauna on heart health.

The study, which was published in the Journal of Cardiology, looked at 64 patients with congestive heart failure. They spend 15 minutes in a sauna for 5 days while admitted to the hospital and continued sessions at least 2 times per week after being discharged.

 During a 60-month follow-up after the study ended, 50 percent more patients had died in the control group compared to the infrared sauna group. Cardiac events due to heart failure and cardiac death affected less than one-third (31.3 percent) of the infrared sauna group and over two-thirds (68.7 percent) of the control group.

Improved Cognition

In addition to improving heart health and supporting weight loss efforts, regularly using an infrared sauna can also support brain health and cognitive function.

Because the infrared sauna improves blood circulation, it improves blood throw throughout the body — including to the brain. Better blood flow to the brain increases alertness and can help you perform better when completing tasks at work or home.

Fewer Diabetes Symptoms

Regular sauna use can combat many symptoms that affect those with diabetes. For example, because it can improve blood flow, it can minimize issues like tingling, pain, and numbness in the hands, feet, and toes.

Spending time in the sauna can also reduce stress, which often exacerbates symptoms of diabetes. It supports weight loss, too, which is good for those with diabetes who are also overweight or obese.

Reduced Joint Pain

If you struggle with joint pain related to arthritis or another chronic condition, you may notice improvements when you spend time regularly in an infrared sauna.

This benefit also has to do with improved blood flow. When your blood circulation improves, it’s easier for blood, oxygen, and nutrients to get to various parts of your body. This also helps to remove waste from these areas.

How to Use an Infrared Sauna

When infrared saunas first came onto the scene, the only way to experience all the benefits that Dr. Oz has described was to drive to a spa or gym and sit in the sauna. 

Not only is this impractical for the average person’s busy life, but it’s also expensive. Luckily, these days, it’s easier than ever to use an infrared sauna regularly because you can buy one and install it in your own home!

Many personal infrared saunas are easy to install, so you can start using them as soon as they’re delivered. To see the best results from your new sauna, be sure to follow these tips:

  • Use it regularly: Ideally, you’d use your sauna every day, but you should at least strive for several uses per week.
  • Start low and slow: If you’re new to the infrared sauna, start at a lower temperature and sit in it for just a few minutes. This prevents you from overheating or becoming dehydrated, and it makes it easier for you to create a consistent habit.
  • Drink water before, during, and after: Speaking of dehydration, drink plenty of water before, during, and after your sauna session to replace the fluids you’re losing through sweat. 

Some people lightly stretch while in the sauna, while others prefer to sit still and focus on their breathing. Both options are fine, but you should resist the urge to do high-intensity exercise. This is dangerous and could cause you to overheat or become dehydrated.

Experience the Benefits of an Infrared Sauna Today

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