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Jacuzzi® Infrared Saunas

The Jacuzzi® Sanctuary saunas are the only true Full Spectrum infrared saunas available offering advanced near, mid and far infrared technologies.

The state of the art digital sauna control works in concert with our sleek tablet/smartphone app to gives you the ability to control your sauna remotely. 

We offer both Full Spectrum (Sanctuary) and FAR Infrared (Premier) Clearlight Jacuzzi® models that range from 1-4 people. Clearlight Jacuzzi® Infrared saunas are top of the line when it comes to craftsmanship, technology, design and safety. All of our Clearlight Infrared saunas are doctor designed, low EMF, and high electrical efficiency. Invest in your health and longevity with a Clearlight Infrared Sauna by Sun Home Saunas. 

All Clearlight Sanctuary models come equipped with full spectrum infrared heaters, chromotherapy, bluetooth surround sound, and a lifetime warranty. Choose the best, choose Clearlight by Sun Home Saunas.