How Chromotherapy Sauna Benefits The Body

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Saunas are the epitome of relaxation and rejuvenation. They offer a place of solace after a stressful work week by alleviating pain and flushing the body of toxins. However, infrared saunas can amplify the sauna benefits as the light penetrates the skin to nourish the body. Adding Chromotherapy to your Clearlight Jacuzzi Infrared Sauna significantly enhances the mood and happiness boosting benefits. 

When used together with chromotherapy, also known as color light therapy, infrared sauna use can improve a range of medical issues. From improved circulation and accelerated healing to anti-aging benefits and mood regulation.

Letting your body soak up rays of light has many perks and long-term health benefits. Let’s explore the advantages of chromotherapy and how they are heightened when used in conjunction with a sauna.


What is chromotherapy?

Used since 2000 B.C, chromotherapy uses color wavelengths to restore chemical imbalances in the body. Each color has a specific wavelength that has a different effect on the mind, body, and emotions.

It is based on the belief that the body is composed of the seven color spectrum. Known as the Chakra system, the major organs relate to a specific color as the different hues target certain areas of the body. Our bodies recognize the various colors from the vibration of their wavelengths and pinpoint imbalances.

Every color provides a different benefit to the body. Green governs the heart, while purple can heal your mind. Chromotherapy is ideal for healing a range of issues depending on which color your body needs.

Benefits of chromotherapy


Red light is symbolic of the root chakra located at the base of the spine. It is known as ‘The Great Energizer’ as it assists in your body’s physicality. It would be used to support blood circulation and function the nervous system.

The color has a similar effect on the body as heat does to increase blood circulation. It goes beyond the surface of the skin to boost more oxygen and nutrients through the body. Vibrations of red light can increase the pulse and breathing to enhance circulation.

Red also helps build collagen, a protein responsible for the skin’s strength and structure. Aside from providing anti-aging properties, red light aids in the healing of wounds, sprains, broken bones. As well as releasing muscle stiffness and tension.

 It also benefits you by:

  • Increasing libido
  • Activates metabolism
  • Relieves arthritis pain
  • Fights against cold and flu



Yellow is the most luminous color used in chromotherapy and is used to purify the skin. It fuels the solar plexus, which holds your willpower and strength.

Chromotherapy benefits have found that yellow rays have alkalizing effects that maintain the nervous system, making them ideal for nerve-related conditions. It purifies the skin to aid a range of disorders.

It also awakens mental inspiration to increase curiosity, creativity, and awareness. Basking in yellow light can revive a feeling of joy and help you absorb information from opening the mind.

Yellow can also:

  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Relieve indigestion
  • Reduce scar tissue
  • Treat mental and muscular disorders



Orange is a soothing color that can be found between the hips. It is the center of the pelvis and is connected to the reproductive system. As it is a mixture of red and yellow, the orange light holds the energy and happiness of the two colors.

 The hue matches the vibrations of the kidneys, large and small intestines, the lower spine, and sacroiliac joints to treat pain in those areas. As orange is found in the pelvis, it helps those who suffer from chronic abdominal pain, cramps, bloating, cysts, and more.

It is a healing color that can treat bronchitis and asthma. Orange has also been found to help with weight loss as it can activate and eliminate localized fat.

 Orange is beneficial in chromotherapy because it:

  • Treats epilepsy
  • Helps bone fractures
  • Heals sore ligaments
  • Treats sinus conditions
  • Boosts the immune system



Purple is the most mentally stimulating color on the spectrum. It activates certain parts of your brain, as well as fights off bacteria and infections.

 The color can be used during meditation to heighten the experience as purple can help clear thoughts. However, it is also a vital color for boosting imagination as it aligns the mind and body to tap into your creativity.

 As well as activating your brain, purple light can fight off bacteria, viruses, and germs. The color produces white blood cells that are required for fighting infections.

 Purple can also aid the body by:

  • Relieving scalp pain
  • Help psoriasis
  • Ease migraines



Green light is symbolic of the heart chakra as it represents nature and makes us feel connected to the earth. It brings harmony and balance to the body by providing relaxing and healing benefits.

 Due to its calming properties, green light is effective in stabilizing the blood and treating ulcers. It has been found to hold antiseptic effects that alleviate bacterial infections.

 The color also gives the mind and body peace and clarity, which helps the muscles, nerves, and thoughts. Therefore, it can be used for most conditions by making the heart healthier.

 Green is also beneficial because it:

  • Reduces headaches
  • Relieves cancer symptoms
  • Alleviates sore muscles
  • Heals a broken heart



The color blue is located in the throat as it encourages communication and knowledge. It brings mental relaxation and is a natural antiseptic.

 Blue light helps speech and communication by clearing the mind. It lends wisdom and clarity to help you organize your thoughts and improve your vocabulary.

 It also reduces sleep problems by relaxing the mind and breaking unhealthy habits. It cleanses your mind of traumatic thoughts and experiences to relax the body and put your mind to sleep.

 Chromotherapy also uses blue light to treat fever symptoms, bronchitis, asthma, and lung cancer. As it is an antiseptic, it cleanses bacteria from the air to provide more healthy nutrients to the body.

Blue can also benefit the body by:

  • Relieving pain
  • Healing injured tissue
  • Prevent scar tissue
  • Treats burns


Making the most of your chromotherapy sauna treatment

 Combining chromotherapy with infrared or Clearlight saunas can customize your wellness goals. The vibration frequencies can be adjusted to target chemical imbalances in the body to maximize your wellbeing.

 Sun Home Sauna offers a range of infrared saunas with Full Spectrum technologies that supply all types of wavelengths. Contact us today to find out more, and follow Sun Home Sauna on Instagram to browse the latest saunas that provide chromotherapy benefits that perfect for your wellness journey.

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