How Infrared Saunas Can Help You Lose Weight

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Jacuzzi® infrared saunas have been scientifically clinically tested in a certified lab for fat loss. Binghamton University (SUNY) in New York leveraged a Clearlight Premier™ IS-3  for their weight and fat loss study and achieved significant results. 

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Producing high internal temperatures helps the human body in many ways and one of the top benefits are weight loss and fat reduction. Gyms, medical facilities, wellness centers, and health spas around the world offer infrared sauna use as apart of their offering strictly due to the extreme weight loss results that can be achieved without physical activity. The caloric output achieved through using an infrared sauna is similar to that of going on a long walk! 

Now what specifically about infrared saunas help you lose weight? What are the benefits of using an infrared sauna for cutting fat and losing weight’? Check out below: 

Sauna Weight Loss Studies

A multi-phased, weight reduction study produced by Binghamton University in New York showed that increasing core internal human body temperature produced a substantial decrease in overall body fat. The study also indicated that those who used a Clearlight Premier IS-3 infrared sauna specifically, 3x a week for an average of 30 every per session saw a drop of a median 4 % amount of total body fat spanned between a 4 month period. For a 174-lbs male, this translates to an overall fat reduction of over 7 lbs!

Those who participated and used a Clearlight infrared sauna for losing weight specifically didn’t alter their workout regimen or nutrition plan throughout the trial. Even more interestingly, specific groupings within the trial who didn’t in fact experience or try the Clearlight Sauna® displayed absolutely no decrease in body fat! The trials’ results indicate the substantial benefit and power that infrared technology and therapy supplies for fat loss and weight reduction goals!

The powerful research study provides a reason for additional scientific and medical findings  and illustrates what our team has known for more than 24 years: Jacuzzi® saunas are extremely effective for your health and wellbeing! 

Core Benefits of Sauna Weight Loss

Dropping fat and getting shredded means you must change your lifestyle, which is different for every body and their specific goals. There’s no magic number or secret sauce when it comes to weight loss. The Obesity Action Coalition indicates that losing 5-10% of weight can significantly help your physical and mental wellbeing. That number is easily achievable and will benefit cholesterol levels, alleviate hypertension, prevent diabetes, aid in combating sleep apnea and inflammation of the body, reduce stress, and improve your mindset and confidence. 

Contrary to popular belief, being stressed can play a large role in the struggle to cut fat and lose weight. When you are very stressed, we actually increase the amount of fat that we store in our belly, hips, and thighs, which can weigh us down in more ways than one! If stress alone is causing you to gain weight, you can’t simply drop it via working out and nutrition. However, if you include infrared sauna use in your daily regimen and weight reduction toolset, there is a high change that you will realize a significant change in your physical appearance all while eliminating feelings of stress! 

Click here to see the National Institute Of Health’s information on obesity and being overweight.

Weight Loss by Sauna Type

The use of traditional saunas can help with tired muscles and for a brief time amp up your blood flow when in a sauna heated around 200 degrees Fahrenheit. This can supply a positive area to calm down and improve your mood. While this helps, traditional saunas only increase the temperature of the sauna you are sitting in, not actually your internal body temperature. That is a vital difference since as the human body keeps toxins in your fatty cells, which can significantly prohibit you from weight loss. But don’t worry: infrared saunas remove those toxins specifically! 

Instead of just heating up a room that you sit in (traditional saunas) an infrared sauna helps heat amplification by increasing the core internal body temperature while your body takes in the infrared wavelengths and heat. By sitting in an infrared sauna you are able to remove harmful toxins all while improving your energy in a very luxurious and calming way. 

If you integrate a Jacuzzi Sauna into your healthy lifestyle and wellbeing routine, human growth hormone production (HGH) and temporarily lower cortisol levels (stress hormone) will drop. This decrease supports even more substantial weight reduction and improves overall health. What happens then? An efficient and enjoyable way to amplify weight loss, reduce stress, eliminate toxins, and reduce pain, all while using an infrared sauna! It simply doesn’t get better than that. 

Toxins and Weight Loss

Weight loss and fat reduction is of course one key benefit of infrared saunas. However, if you have an overload of toxins in your body (from foods, water, chemicals, air pollution, etc), you can frequently feel tired and drained, not to mention have immense muscle pain and poor skin. 

However, with infrared saunas, the wavelength of infrared targets cells and removes harmful substances and toxins from your body! Once that happens, you will start to lose fat. You can’t lose fat without eliminating the toxins first, as they are integrated in your fat cells! 

Using an infrared sauna for losing weight is very simple, enjoyable, and brings many additional benefits! Infrared heat has been leveraged around the world for decades and it is a proven method to lose weight and fat, improve overall health, eliminate toxins, and reduce stress! 

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