How Sauna Use Helps With Acne

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 Saunas offer a considerable number of benefits to the people who use them. For example, they can aid in creating glowing skin, reduce the chance of cardiovascular issues, and lessen your stress levels. In addition, saunas can help reduce pain to give you a better feeling of well-being. 

Many of these benefits are well-known, but there is one that isn’t. You may not be aware that a sauna can help anyone struggling with acne as an adult. Sure, having a proper skincare regimen is vital to stave off acne – but adding the use of a sauna to that regimen can help even more. 

How Sweating Benefits Acne 

Many people are under the impression that sweating causes acne, but it doesn’t. The exact opposite is true. Sweating has a host of benefits associated with it, including regulating your body temperature in extreme temperatures. 

Instead of creating clogged pores and acne, sweating can flush out clogged skin pores. Sweating causes the pores to open up and any oil and dirt inside can be washed away. Taking a shower or bath after sweating is a beneficial method to avoid acne. 

Additional Acne Benefits Provided by a Sauna 

Since a sauna can reach high temperatures, it causes you to sweat. Cleansing after a session in the sauna can eliminate and reduce the acne you experience. But that’s not the only benefit a sauna offers in terms of acne. 

Reduced Inflammation

 Saunas have been shown to reduce inflammation in the body. Spending time in a home sauna increases your heart rate in the same way as exercise. The increased blood flow helps eliminate waste and byproducts of inflammation. 

Less inflammation equals less acne. Better blood flow increases the nutrients delivered to your skin, which is why the sauna is known to offer a gorgeous glow. In addition, the high temperatures in a sauna can help fight existing acne. 

Aiding in Lesion Healing

 Acne can create unsightly lesions, but saunas can help with that too. Infrared saunas penetrate below the skin and target the gland that causes acne. One research article indicates that using an infrared treatment for acne results in a “significant difference in median reduction of inflammatory lesions.” 

Other Skin-Related Issues Helped by Use of a Sauna 

While a home sauna can help with acne in several ways, that’s not the only skin issue it affects. Both eczema and dermatitis can also be improved by using an infrared sauna. Each of these conditions can leave the skin feeling itchy and hot. 

The use of an infrared sauna is relaxing, refreshing, and non-invasive when used to soothe sore, reddened, dry, and itchy skin. It can be used to manage the symptoms of both dermatitis and eczema, as well as issues like psoriasis. Some of the benefits of sauna use include: 

  • The excretion of toxins through the skin 
  • The removal of dead skill cells 
  • A boost to the immune system to fight off bacteria trying to go through the skin 
  • The delivery of essential nutrients through the epidermis layer of the skin.

Use These Sauna Tips To Help With Acne

 Combining several acne fighting options is the best way to put an end to adult acne. As such, the tips below will give you additional ways to fight acne and create skin that you enjoy looking at and feeling. 

Keep Hydrated

Anyone using a sauna should have a big bottle of water to sip on throughout the process. This is especially essential for those who are dealing with acne. Feel free to drink water before you enter the sauna, when you are inside, and even after you leave it. 

The reason water is recommended is because it is exceptional at filtering out any toxins in your body. This works with acne since some breakouts can be caused by chemicals, hormones, and other toxins. When these toxins are released through the skin, acne can occur. 

Wash Your Face Before and After

 When you’re about to go into the sauna, prep your skin for the experience. Wash your face with a cleanser designed for your skin type. It should be gentle to prevent any irritation on the face. This will remove makeup, oil, and sweat that may be on the face before you enter your home sauna. 

Another cleansing should occur after the use of the sauna to remove sweat again. For example, taking a shower can rinse off the sweat or you can cleanse your face a second time at the sink.

Other Sauna Benefits

If you’re tired of stepping outside with embarrassing pimples, a sauna could be the perfect solution. It can also assist in other health issues and make you feel better in general.


One example is the use of a sauna to relieve feelings of stress. An infrared sauna helps you relax and loosen up your body. It’s also the ideal place to enjoy alone time and focus on what you enjoy in life. 

A sauna promotes relaxation by balancing the amount of cortisol, a primary stress hormone, in the body. It also helps relieve tension and relax muscles, leading to less stress when you’re dealing with a lot. 

Blood Pressure

 In addition, the heat from a sauna has a positive effect on your blood vessels. The heat causes them to dilate. In turn, this causes your blood pressure to drop. 

A study of more than 1,600 middle-aged men in Finland shows that using a sauna four to seven times a week cuts the risk of high blood pressure nearly in half. This is in comparison to those who use a sauna only once a week. 

Final Thoughts on Sauna Benefits for Acne

 Saunas are an excellent option for supplementing your current skincare regimen. In addition, creating a regimen for your specific skin issues can help you get your acne under control. Follow the tips above to start obliterating acne from your daily life.

 In addition, red light therapy can assist with acne. It can be used in the sauna for quick and easy acne treatment. Sun Home Saunas offers luxury saunas and red light therapy solutions for all your health needs.

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