Sunlighten vs. Clearlight Sauna

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Have you had a stressful day at work, and you want to unwind? Or, are you from a gym session and you wanted to relax? A sauna can help you with all that.

When you sit in a sauna, the temperature of your skin and pulse rate increase, your blood vessels then dilate, increasing your blood circulation. Oh! What a fantastic experience!

More benefits of a sauna may include:

  • Relaxation of the body muscles
  • Pain relief source since an increase in blood flow reduces joint tension
  • Improved cardiovascular health

Saunas may be good for the body but not for all. If you're pregnant or have a condition like epilepsy and asthma, please do consult your doctor first.


Sunlighten VS Clearlight Saunas

Can’t make up your mind on Clearlight VS Sunlighten? So, maybe you've read online reviews about sauna. Also, you may have joined a sauna detox group that promotes a specific brand. Or, you've had a talk with a representative from either company to make the best decision.

When you contact a sauna company, each company will tell you that their sauna is the best. I mean, who would badmouth their own company?

Let's first look at Clearlight Infrared Saunas, one of the most effective types in the market. Clearlight uses infrared energy that both the body and the sun produce to heat our bodies.

For this reason, infrared saunas heal best as they penetrate the body deeper. You end up feeling rejuvenated.

Clearlight is one of the industry beginners to provide low EMF and ELF and true full spectrum heat. They also have clinical data as evidence of the same.

Clearlight’s recent partnership with Jacuzzi made the brander grow stronger. They are among the premier infrared sauna providers worldwide.

Besides Clearlight, there’s also the Sunlighten Sauna which provides high-quality models. Manufacturers of Sunlighten make both far infrared saunas and the three-in-one type.

Most infrared units use the far-infrared technique.


What are the Difference between a Sunlighten Sauna and a Clearlight Sauna?

  1. If you need a sauna with low EMF, then Clearlight should be your choice. It focuses on reducing magnetic and electric fields more as opposed to Sunlighten. Sunlighten cabinet has the best quality design in the industry, but EMF levels are very high.

The Sunlighten M Pulse collection emits high levels of magnetic fields. The Sunlighten culture, in general, doesn’t focus on reducing electric fields.

  1. When it comes to the designs of a sauna, you have an option of either wood or glass. In a sauna, glass is beautiful but has poor insulating properties. It lets out heat and light energy which wood would contain.

Clearlight uses certified Grade a Western Red Canadian Cedar to make saunas. Therefore, get a sauna with so little glass for safety reasons. A basswood is also an option.

To make their client even happier, Clearlight has a lifetime warranty covering all.

If you are claustrophobic, it would be wise to get a sauna that has more glass. If buying a sauna for a spa, then the glass would go well with your aesthetics.

  1. The least amount you can pay for a Sunlighten sauna is about $2,600 for a whole solo system. A full spectrum, like M Pulse, charges begin at $5000 and above.

Alternatively, Clearlight prices are reasonable, with special sales year-round. You can get a price list online or on the phone.

  1. Sunlighten doesn't put toxic elements in the heaters, as some people claim. It is stiff competition between sauna firms, but those claims are false. Clearlight is also free from toxic varnishes and chemicals.


Final thoughts on Sunlighten Sauna VS Clearlight Saunas

Though glass is beautiful, it's not essential, presuming that you aren't claustrophobic. So, have a sauna with as much wood as you can.

If you are to choose between Sunlighten VS Clearlight Sauna, then Clearlight is the best. At Sun home Saunas, we assure you will get the best Clearlight treatment ever. At reasonable costs, you get a great sweat with low EMF.

We have a variety of Clearlight saunas on sale. Depending on the type and number of people it can take at a time, you can buy one for 4,699 dollars.

Things only get better if you factor in the recent partnership with Jacuzzi. The two are significant firms that work together.

Sun home offers a variety of products, from steam showers to massage chairs.


Are You Sensitive to EMF? Here is Why You Should Settle on Clearlight

If you are sensitive to EMF, then Clearlight Sauna is the best choice for you. Inside the Clearlight Sauna are carbon or ceramic heaters. These have shown to release extremely low EMFs.


So, when inside the sauna, the level of harmful EMF radiation you get exposed to is undetectable. In the end, you feel fresh and healthy.


Benefits of Using Clearlight Sauna

  • Relieve muscle and joint pain with the heat penetrating the deep tissues
  • Better sleeping patterns as serotonin (relaxing hormone) levels increase
  • Cleanses your skin, leaving you fresh and glowing
  • Body detoxification, getting rid of built-up toxins in your system via sweat
  • Boosts your immune system by increasing the body temperature of your core. The temperature increase gimmicks the body to a short-term state of fever. As a result, it triggers the natural immune response of your body
  • Manages your blood pressure and improves your cardiovascular system
  • It relieves your stress thanks to the sauna's ability to reduce stress hormones. In turn, it stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system giving the rest you need



Stay away from excessive alcohol consumption. It may cause dehydration, arrhythmia, and unexpected death. Spend less time in the sauna, about 20 minutes. If you are using the sauna for a fast time, spend about 10 minutes until you get used to it.

Irrespective of your sauna choice, you'll lose body fluids through sweat. Drink two-four glasses of water after a sauna session. Children above six years can use the sauna but under supervision. They should spend 10 minutes or less each.

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