Unlock your potential with the intelligently engineered Sun Home Cold Plunge™, the only portable cold plunge in the world that can get to 33 F.

The Sun Home Cold Plunge™ packs a punch with a 1HP smart-chiller/heater and features next-gen filtration and sanitation technology, all controlled within your mobile app to deliver an optimal cold immersion experience, whenever you want it.

Experience complete full body immersion with the military-grade 2 person extra deep insulated tub. 

Let the world's #1 inflatable ice bath be your secret weapon for ultimate performance, recovery, and resilience. 

Named Best Inflatable Cold Plunge and Ice Bath of 2024 by TIME, Forbes, Sports Illustrated, Men's Journal, and Billboard Magazine. 

"The portable tub operates three times faster than its competitors at the same price point. Plus, you can control it from anywhere with the mobile app." - Billboard Magazine

Unique Features

  • Equipped with a 1HP smart-chiller at no extra cost, operating 3x faster than any other competitor on the market at this price point 
  • Get hot or cold - the energy efficient motor can cool down to 33F and heat to 104F
  • Mobile-app enabled so you can control your plunge remotely from anywhere 
  • 24 hour reservation mode to pre-set your plunge session
  • Portable and designed for both indoor and outdoor use 
  • Designed with military grade drop stitch technology, the tub is more durable than any other inflatable cold plunge
  • XL spacious full body tub used by pro athletes up to 6' 8" 
  • Built-in high-efficiency ozone injection sanitization system
  • 20 micron filter extracts all unwanted debris out of the water
  • Insulated tub to conserve energy and maintain optimal water temperature 
  • Built-in circulation pump optimized water quality and plunge experience 
  • No plumbing required, just plug and plunge 
  • Easy-drain technology makes it a breeze to empty and fill
  • Backed by a 1-year limited warranty


  • Tub Outer Dimensions: LWH: 6.4ft x 2.3ft x 2.1 ft
  • Chiller Dimensions: 21 inch x 16 inch x 22 inch
  • Volume: 360L
  • Tub Weight: 15.5lb
  • Chiller Weight: 88 lbs
  • Control: Temperature (33F -104F adjustable) & Time (30 to 60 minutes)
  • Power Requirements: 120 V, 11 A (plugs into a standard wall outlet)
  • Timer Settings: 0 to 60 minutes
  • Circulation: Built-in self priming system

What's Included: 

  • Insulated protective tub cover
  • Military-grade, drop stitch XL size plunge tub
  • Efficient 1HP smart chiller + heater
  • Built-in ozone sanitation
  • Repair kit for simple fixes
  • Smart hand pump for quickly inflating tub 
  • Durable carrying case for easy transportation
  • Spare filter

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Sun Home Cold Plunge™

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Featured In

Natural Energy

Each person has their own way of getting up and going; some prefer double shots of espresso, a brief exercise routine, or other methods. If you want to jumpstart your day or get a quick energy boost in the afternoon, trying a cold plunge could be a solution worth considering. Cold plunging has become a popular option for those seeking an alternative way to increase their daily vitality.

Recovery & Performance

The advantages of cold plunging go beyond the psychological and physiological effects on your body. In the field of sports medicine, cold water therapy has been employed for several years to facilitate the recuperation of muscles and reduce inflammation following physical activity.


Research has demonstrated that cold plunging can elevate your baseline levels of dopamine, a molecule in our brain and body that is associated with motivation. Dr. Andrew Huberman has suggested that dopamine can improve our concentration and decrease the level of effort required to act on our particular objectives.

Elevated Mood

For quite some time, scientists have recognized the relationship between hormone levels and our daily energy. In particular, there is substantial evidence indicating that hormonal imbalances can lead to depression, suggesting that taking a cold plunge could potentially alleviate symptoms of depression and enhance overall mood.

Stress Relief

Research has demonstrated that cold water therapy can be an effective adjunct therapy for reducing stress by lowering levels of the stress hormone cortisol. According to a study, consistent cold showers and ice baths have helped to alleviate anxiety and enhance the mood of participants.

Pain Relief

Studies indicate that taking regular ice baths can result in a significant increase of up to 5 times in the levels of norepinephrine. This particular neurotransmitter has been found to have powerful anti-inflammatory properties and can assist in managing chronic pain.

Improved Sleep

Taking a plunge in cold water activates the autonomic nervous system in your body, which is comprised of a network of vessels and nerves that are divided into two parts regulating your stress response. By learning to manage your stress response, you may also discover an improvement in your ability to relax and sleep.

Sun Home Saunas vs The Other Guys


Other Guys

✅ Powerful 1HP smart-chiller

❌ Weak, low-output chiller

✅ XL 2 Person Tub

❌ Small tub, cramped experience

✅ Military grade drop-stitched tub

❌ Cheap and fragile tub

✅ Portable and designed for both indoor and outdoor use

❌ 500+ pounds make it difficult to move or transport

✅ Wifi-app control

❌ Antiquated control center

✅ 1 person install, just plug and plunge

❌ 2+ people to transport and install

✅ 37.5 degrees minimum temp

❌ 39 F minimum temp

✅ Hot and cold capabilities

❌ Cooling only

✅ Trusted by the NBA, NFL, UFC, NHL, MLB

❌ Limited accolades and endorsements

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