Which Type of Ice Bath Tub is Ideal for Your Needs?

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Which Type of Ice Bath Tub is Ideal for Your Needs?

To choose the ideal ice bath tub you must consider a few critical factors. For example, size is one of the most important things to consider. If the bath you buy is too small or too big, chances are it will not deliver the best ice bathing experience or fit in your space, respectively. Ask yourself; who will be using the bath?

Is it for one person or multiple users? Establishing these factors, and knowing the different types of ice bath tubs available is crucial to helping you choose the best ice bath that meets the needs of its users. But first, who should use an ice bath tub? How much do you need to enjoy ice bath therapy? Let’s find out.

Who Can Use an Ice Bath Tub?

What does ice bathing do for you? And, is it ideal for you? Various people can enjoy ice bath health benefits. They include:

Fitness enthusiasts: If you are a gym enthusiast or athlete then taking an ice bath can help eliminate lactic acid and relieve muscle soreness.

People who experience arthritis symptoms: Taking an ice bath can narrow your blood vessels, alleviating discomfort and sweating in the limbs and joints. Further, ice baths can act as numbing pain receptors. 

Stressed individuals: In today’s fast-paced world where people are constantly stressed, immersing yourself in an ice bath tub can be a great way of calming your nerves and revitalizing your mind.

Individuals with insomnia: Do you struggle to sleep at night? Try immersing yourself in an ice bath. Exposure to cold water activates the parasympathetic system, calming your body and mind. Where possible, immerse yourself in ice-cold water before bedtime and carve your journey to a deep night’s sleep. 

Wellness seekers: An ice bath cooling unit can be a revitalizing and refreshing addition to your wellness routine. 

People who practice mindfulness: If you’re a mindfulness enthusiast or want to strengthen your attention skills then ice bath tubs are ideal for you. Dip yourself in an ice bath after a long day to forget your troubles at least for some time, recharge, and focus on the present.

Remember, ice bath tubs are not ideal for everybody. You want to consult your doctor before using them, especially if you have any underlying heart or blood pressure conditions, or are pregnant. 

What is the Cost of Running an Ice Bath Tub?

Various factors affect the cost of running an ice bath tub as seen below.

Electricity: The amount of electricity an ice bath tub consumes depends on the model you choose. 

Frequency of use: The more you use your ice bath the higher the cost you’ll pay to run it. 

Ice: If you buy an ice bath with chiller you won’t need ice. This means you can do away with the cost of constant ice restocking. 

Size: A large tub requires more water to refill, meaning your water bill will also be high.

Cover: If your ice bath tub has an insulated cover you’ll eliminate the need to buy water cleaning chemicals. What’s more, the cover prevents cold air from escaping, keeping the bath cold for longer. 

Technical capability: High-specification ice baths come with smart temperature control and efficient cooling systems. As a result, their power consumption could be high. 

Types of Ice Bath Tubs

Before selecting any type of ice bath tub it’s important to determine your needs. Are you looking for a comfortable, easy-to-clean, convenient, or budget-friendly unit? Let’s discuss the available options.

·       Traditional Ice Bath Tubs

Traditional ice baths originated from age-old practices. In this cold therapy practice, individuals immerse themselves in a tub filled with a mixture of ice cubes and water in equal measure. The appropriate traditional ice bath temperature should be 10°C (50°F). While you can achieve the best results after 10 to 20 minutes, your tolerance levels determine how long you can remain inside the traditional ice bath. 

·       Electric Ice Bath Tubs

Technology has evolved over time and with the demand for ice bathing therapy rising, innovations in the industry become paramount. The emergence of electrical ice baths is a result of the inevitable technological evolution. These modern units come with an inbuilt cooling system that chills the water to your desired temperatures and eliminates the use of ice.

The best electric ice bath tubs feature adjustable timers and temperature settings. As a result, they can customize their cold therapy session depending on their unique needs. If you’re looking for a hassle-free ice bath to use within a controlled environment, the electric option is the way to go.

While electric ice baths add a touch of convenience to your wellness routine, numerous options are available which can make the buying process complicated. Always use customer reviews as a guide to help you buy the best unit that fits your preferences and needs. 

·       DIY Ice Bath Tubs

Some people opt to repurpose an old tub to create a budget-friendly option. You can use old bathtubs, barrels, chest freezers, or even troughs. DIY ice baths are designed to help you get a quick dip but lack the sophistication and high specification levels of store-bought ice tubs.

Remember, you will need several bags of ice whenever you want to use your DIY ice bath. What’s more, they require regular water changes to prevent debris from accumulating, increasing the risk of infections. Again, you’ll need to monitor the water temperature to enjoy optimal benefits. 

·       Portable Ice Bath Tubs

A portable ice bath tub would be ideal for fitness professionals and athletes who move a lot. They are lightweight and compact to allow for easy transportation, setup, and provision of cold therapy in different locations. Often, portable ice baths feature collapsible or inflatable components.

All you need to use these units is to fill them with cold water to create a makeshift ice bath anytime and anywhere. The portability of these ice baths means you can use them in outdoor training sessions, competitions, and tournaments where maintaining top-tier athletic performance is crucial.

portable ice baths is an efficient and practical way of facilitating physical rejuvenation and swift recovery on the go. 

·       Contrast Hydrotherapy

Contrast hydrotherapy presents a twist to conventional ice bathing, relying on alternatingly exposing the body to cold and warm water. Experts believe the contrasting temperatures stimulate a bio-response that expels toxins, reduces inflammation, and improves blood flow.

You can execute contrast hydrotherapy using separate tubs, specially designed for that purpose. It knits together the severity of an ice bath with the calmness of hot water. Contrast hydrotherapy can be ideal for you if you want to experiment with more than cold therapy. 

Maintaining and Cleaning an Ice Bath Tub

If you’re looking for comfort and convenience when it comes to cleaning your unit then buying an ice bath with water chiller would be ideal. That way, you eliminate the need to use ice packs or maintain cold temperatures during summer. What’s more, an ice bath with a chiller keeps water clean and chilled for longer.

All you’ll need to maintain these ice baths is to use a sanitizer regularly and change the filter monthly. Whenever you drain your ice bath, ensure you clean it with warm clean soapy water, and keep it covered to keep debris at bay and stabilize the temperature. 


Whether you are a beginner looking for your first ice bath tub or are in the market to upgrade your old unit, this article should guide you in identifying the type of ice bath tub that best fits your preferences. 

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