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Barrel Saunas

Our selection of barrel saunas is of high-quality designs by Dundalk Leisurecraft, known for their spacious and ergonomic fits. The outdoor barrel saunas kits are designed to be built with ease so that you can enjoy the detox that comes with owning your own home sauna. The sauna wood used is a quality Eastern Canadian Cedar Timber known to enhance your sauna experience while remaining sturdy for years to come. Cedar barrel saunas by Dundalk Leisurecraft are considered to be one of the best home saunas available.

When you’re using a Dundalk Leisurecraft Barrel sauna you’ll be able to choose between an electric heater or a wood heater for a more traditional Finnish feel. Both these options are safe and effective. Begin your sauna detox today, and discover the amazing health benefits of a sauna today.

Check out our selection of barrel saunas by Dundalk LeisureCraft. Choose from a variety of outdoor saunas from personal to 3 person saunas and even up to 6 person sauna. Discover how we beat our competitors with the best prices!