Why Use Red Light Therapy At Home

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Red Light Therapy At Home

If you’re interested in the many benefits of red light therapy, you may be wondering whether you should visit a dermatologist or purchase an at-home device that you can use on your own. Many people prefer using the treatment at home since it’s more convenient. 

On the other hand, visiting a dermatology office can be inconvenient and expensive. You need to set up an appointment for each treatment, which requires you to travel to a location away from home. This means you might be spending more money while also using more time to go to appointments and then return home. 

How To Use Red Light Therapy in a Safe and Effective Manner?

Red light therapy is considered a safe treatment option for almost everyone. In many cases, even pregnant individuals can choose to use this treatment option. Unlike saunas, which are typically not recommended, light therapy is extremely safe and poses no risks to your unborn child. However, you should always ask for your doctor’s opinion. 

Experts recommend always using protective eyewear when doing red light therapy at home, the best eye protection for red light therapy doesn’t allow any light to pass through.

These are often shaped like a shield that ensures no rays reach your eyes to cause harm. In addition, they dim enough that you will not experience discomfort or interference during the process.

 Everyone is different with unique skin, health needs, and sensitivity to light. That’s why you should start slowly with red light therapy and gradually ramp up. For the first few times, you may want to do a 10-minute session every two to three days.

Red Light Therapy At Home

Those with sensitive skin may experience temporary tightness and redness to the skin. This indicates that you should cut down the length of time that you do the treatment. However, those who have no side effects can choose to extend the therapy to once a day for up to about 20 minutes at a time. 

Those who own saunas will find that red light therapy is a great way to enhance your experience. You get all the benefits of spending time in your indoor or outdoor sauna while adding on the extra advantages of red light therapy at the same time. It can cut down on the time you need for both treatments and ensure the best results.

 Saunas and red light therapy devices offer several natural health benefits, many of which work well together. They can balance and support your health to promote function and fitness without overlapping the effects since each has its job to do. If you want the best health benefits, using red light with a sauna is the best thing you can choose to do. 

How Long Do You Need To Do Red Light Therapy To See Results? 

Red light therapy doesn’t work immediately, as lovely as that would be. It can take several weeks or even up to four months to see the results. Think about it as you would exercising. You wouldn’t expect to be a lot stronger after a single workout, but after months of activities, your body would be showing some results of your efforts. 

It’s also important to realize that some people will see faster results than others will. But, even if it seems to be taking time, the results will happen. You have to continue with the therapy until you see the desired results. 

What’s the Best Red Light Therapy Device for Your Home? 

If you have a sauna or plan to purchase one, the best option is buying a red light therapy option that works with it. This allows you to enjoy both health items without needing to split up your time. However, while this is the most convenient and valuable option, it isn’t your only choice. 

You can also select a red light therapy device that is used on its own. These come in various wattages and can be used anywhere in your home. In many cases, you can also purchase a stand to hold the device to make it easier to use regularly. 

Red light is designed to penetrate human skin superficially; most of it is absorbed in the first two centimeters. It also works to stimulate the mitochondria of your body’s cells, increasing ATP production and boosting fibroblast activity. Generally, the optimal wavelength for a red light therapy device will be between 660 and 850nm. 

What Each Wavelength Is Best Used For Which Benefits 

The specific wavelength of your red light therapy device will determine what results it will offer you. Below are a few of the most common and what you can expect from them: 

  • 830nm – Accelerates healing while reducing infection, increases endorphins, improves bone growth and repair, and improves recovery after sports injuries. 
  • 810nm – Offers improved wound healing, recovery from traumatic brain injuries and strokes, hair growth, and improvement in mental illnesses. 
  • 850nm – Reduces muscle and joint pain, enhances muscle recovery, heals skin wounds, and reduces wrinkles, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation. 
  • 660nm – Helps reduce muscle fatigue, inflammation, swelling, and pain, while accelerating bone and wound healing. 

What’s the Best Wattage for a Red Light Therapy Device?

 The wattage you choose for a red light therapy device will depend on what your expectations are. For instance, if you choose a lower wattage for your device, the intensity will be less pronounced, while you will need to use the device for a more extended period to get the same results.

 The same applies backward when you choose a high-wattage red light therapy device. But, again, this will require a shorter duration since it has a higher intensity than a device with a lower wattage. 

Red Light Therapy At Home


Is it good to usе rеd light thеrapy at homе? And How do do rеd light thеrapy at homе?

Rеd light thеrapy is a popular trеatmеnt option for skin rеjuvеnation, musclе rеcovеry, and pain managеmеnt. It is safe and portablе, as it doesn't contain UV wavеs.

To start, choosе thе right dеvicе sizе for your trеatmеnt goals, wеar еyе protеction, position thе dеvicе at thе rеcommеndеd distancе, and usе it for 15-20 minutеs, 3-5 timеs a wееk. For dramatic rеsults, you will nееd 6-12 sеssions, and to maintain thе bеst rеsults, makе it a part of your daily routinе. Consistеncy is kеy to achiеving thе bеst rеsults.

What arе thе rеd light thеrapy pros and cons?

Rеd light thеrapy is a non-invasivе trеatmеnt that usеs low-intеnsity light to activatе cеlls and promotе hеaling. It can rеducе inflammation, improvе skin hеalth, improvе musclе rеcovеry, improvе slееp quality, and rеducе dеprеssion symptoms.

Howеvеr, it can bе еxpеnsivе, takе sеvеral sеssions, causе еyе damagе, skin irritation, and dеhydration if not usеd propеrly—propеr еyе protеction and adеquatе watеr intakе arе еssеntial for successful results.

What happеns if you usе rеd light thеrapy еvеry day?

Rеd light thеrapy, whilе gеnеrally safе, should bе usеd in modеration, idеally 15-20 minutеs, 3-5 timеs a wееk, to rеducе symptoms of chronic skin conditions and promotе skin hеalth.

Can rеd light thеrapy causе cancеr?

Rеd light thеrapy, a safе and non-toxic mеthod, is gеnеrally safе but should bе usеd in modеration, idеally 15-20 minutеs, 3-5 timеs a wееk, to rеducе symptoms of chronic skin conditions and promotе skin hеalth. 

Closing Thoughts On Using Red Light Therapy At Home

Choosing the right red light therapy device is all about your personal preferences. The type of device, the wattage, and the wavelengths should all be selected based on the results you would like to see. This ensures you get the benefits you want while choosing a device that is convenient for your needs. 

Consider how long you typically spend in the heat if you want to use a red light therapy device in the sauna. For instance, if you spend 15 minutes each session, choose a red light therapy device with the proper wattage to be used in 15 minutes. 

Sun Home Saunas offers a variety of red light therapy devices, as well as high-quality saunas to use them in. You can visit our website to see the selection and choose the right option for your needs.

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