A Guide to Understanding the Inflatable Cold Plunge

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A Guide to Understanding the Inflatable Cold Plunge

A portable cold plunge unit is made using lightweight, flexible, and durable materials such as PVC. These units have become popular among users who fill them with water and ice and immerse themselves inside to reap recovery and health benefits.

Inflatable cold plunges are cost-effective and easy-to-use alternatives to traditional ice baths. Users can easily inflate them when they need to use them and deflate them after use. Here is a simple guide to help you understand the inflatable cold plunge better.

What are the Available Types of Inflatable Cold Plunges?

There are various types of inflatable cold plunges, each of which caters to varying individual preferences and needs. The key variations include:

Solo inflatable cold plunges: These units are designed for one-person use. They are compact and ideal for personal recovery and relaxation.

Customizable inflatable cold plunges: These units come with adjustable shapes and sizes to fit specific user and space requirements.

Multi-person inflatable cold plunges: These are larger size-wise, and can accommodate multiple people. They are perfect for group or team sports settings.

Here is why you should opt for an inflatable cold plunge.

·       Portability Ease of Setting up and Deflation

If you are looking forward to cold plunging on the go, then the inflatable cold plunge should be your go to unit. Besides their portability, you can easily fold your inflatable cold plunge into a compact size to allow for easy transportation and storage. This means you can use your cold plunge in your backyard, while on vacation, or at an event. Compared to their fixed counterparts, setting up the inflatable cold plunge is easy. All you need to do is inflate it with a pump, fill it with water and ice, and immerse yourself inside.

·       Adjustable Temperature

Some inflatable cold plunges have pumps and heaters that adjust the temperature, enabling you to take cold and hot baths.  

·       Saving on Space

Do you live in an apartment or an area with limited space? An inflatable cold plunge would be ideal. When deflated, these units occupy minimal space and this makes them perfect for small living environments. Of course you can’t use your inflatable cold plunge every day. So, what happens to the unit? You can easily deflate and store it to create space in your home. 

·       Affordability

You don’t need a huge initial investment to own an inflatable cold plunge. This explains why a wide range of people can afford them with ease. Moreover, maintaining an inflatable cold plunge is a simple process. All you need to clean them is wipe the interior every time after use, unless you are deep cleaning them.

·       Safety

Inflatable cold plunges come with non-slip surfaces to reduce the danger of slipping and falling. Further, they have inbuilt features to maintain constant water level and temperature, enhancing the user’s safety further. 

·       Durability

Inflatable cold plunges are made from high-quality, strong, and puncture-resistant materials that last. They are designed to withstand regular use and can resist calcium deposits. If you care for your inflatable cold plunge properly, it will serve you for many years. 

How much does an Inflatable Cold Plunge Cost?

The price of an inflatable cold plunge varies based on its use and factors like additional features, quality, and size. The prices are divided according to the following models. 

·       Basic Inflatable Cold Plunges

Basic models are smaller in size and have no complex features. Usually, they are designed for one-person use and are ideal for beginners in the cold plunging industry and people living in places with limited spaces. They cost from $100 and above. 

·       Middle Range Models

These inflatable cold plunges range between $200 and $500, even though some can be costlier. They offer enhanced durability and may include features such as inbuilt temperature gauges, intensified insulation, and comfortable seating. 

·       Advanced Inflatable Cold Plunges

These units cost from $700 and above. They are high-end inflatable cold plunges that cater to the needs of professional users. Often, they are made from superior materials to prolong their lifespan. Other features include advanced temperature regulation systems and larger dimensions for spacious individual use. They can also accommodate multiple users. 

·       Customizable Options

If you’re looking for a tailored cold plunging experience then the customizable option is what you should consider. These inflatable cold plunges can surpass $1,000 and they come in unique shapes, specific dimensions, and have extra luxury features such as hydrotherapy jets. 

·       Extra Expenses

While the initial cost may not be high, there are other costs involved such as the cost of ice, water treatment solutions, and maintenance supplies. It's important to include these costs in your overall budget. 

Where to Buy an Inflatable Cold Plunge

You can purchase an inflatable cold plunge directly from the manufacturers, local sports stores, or online retailers. 

Setting up an Inflatable Cold Plunge

Setting up these units is a simple process that requires attention to detail to guarantee effectiveness and safety. To do it correctly start by:

·       Picking the Right Location

Identify a stable flat surface indoors or outdoors and ensure the location is spacious enough to accommodate your cold plunge. It should also be spacious enough for easy access.

·       Inflate the Cold Plunge

You can inflate your cold plunge to the recommended firmness using an electric or manual pump. Remember, over-inflation can cause damage.

·       Fill the Unit with Ice and Water

Fill the inflatable cold plunge with cold water up to three-quarters full and add ice to achieve your desired temperature. You can use a thermometer to check the water temperature which should be between 10-15°C.

·       Safety Precautions

Test the water with your hand to determine the temperature before entering the cold plunge. Have a towel or warm clothing nearby for use after the cold plunging exercise. 

·       Deflating the Cold Plunge

Deflate the unit gently after use. Do not use sharp tools that may puncture the unit. 

Cleaning the Inflatable Cold Plunge

It’s important to clean and maintain your inflatable cold plunge regularly to prolong its lifespan and enhance your cold plunging experience. Here are steps to help you clean your unit effectively.

·       Drain the water from your inflatable cold plunge after use

Use a sponge or soft cloth, water, and mild soap to clean the exterior and interior. Avoid harsh products as they can damage the material.

·       Rinse the unit thoroughly with water to remove soap residue

Dry the inflatable cold plunge well before storing or reusing it to prevent mildew and mold. Air drying is the ideal method.

·       Deep Clean the Unit Periodically

Consider deep cleaning your inflatable cold plunge regularly with a diluted vinegar solution to remove stubborn odors, stains, and disinfect.

·       Maintaining and Storing Your Inflatable Cold Plunge

Proper maintenance and storage practices will help you prolong the lifespan of your unit. Do so by:

·       Inspecting the Unit regularly

Check the inflatable cold plunge for wear and tear, punctures, or leaks before and after use. A repair kit can come in handy to mend minor damages.

·       Don’t Leave Your Inflatable Cold Plunge Under Direct Sunlight

Store the unit away from the sun, especially when not in use. Prolonged exposure to the sun can weaken the unit’s material.

·       Adopt Proper Storage Practices

Deflate your unit fully after use and fold it well. Keep it in a dry and cool place away from sharp objects.


Understanding the inflatable cold plunge is the first step to choosing the right unit for your needs and caring for it accordingly to prolong its lifespan. An appropriately cared-for unit will serve you well, allowing you to enjoy your cold plunging experience. 

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