Considering Buying an 'At Home' Sauna or Steam Shower?

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Are you thinking about buying a sauna for your home? We’ve outlined everything you need to know about the prices, assembly, and care! 

But What Exactly Is a Sauna?

The definition of a sauna is a compact wooden room or separate standing, home-like contraption where the internal heat is elevated to climates that range between 105 - 150 degrees Fahrenheit. The primary goal of sauna use is to produce precipitation via both heat and steam! If you have ever used a ‘wet’ or steam based sauna, that basically translates to the air being very humid. In terms of timeline, someone will use a sauna for around 18-25 mins and allow themselves to produce a lot of sweat!

At home sauna use goes waaaayyy back (hundreds of years) and is very tightly aligned with Finland or ‘sweat chamber’s that can be located across the entire world! The biggest benefits and reasons for sauna use are holistic and natural wellness, including natural detoxification, weight loss, muscle and joint pain, stress reduction, and athletic performance. If you are using a steam sauna, they are also beneficial for your lungs and internal respiration. 


Different Sauna Types

Saunas can be split into two separate areas 1) would be purely dry and 2) would be wet or humid air. The most popular sauna that people use in their own homes is the infrared or traditional dry sauna. Traditional saunas can be heated via a stove with hot stones, but infrared saunas use far more sophisticated technologies to produce a full spectrum of heat and wavelengths. 

Just like traditional, infrared sauna also leverages dry heat and air but without the old school use of a stove and stones. Infrared saunas are perfect for an easy installation in your home and look much sleeker than traditional, so it’s almost like an art piece or luxurious piece of furniture! Essentially the way it works is heat is produced from special infrared heaters that elevators the person’s internally core body temperature to produce sweating all without actually increasing the temperature of the air in the room! Pretty cool, right? Yeah, and you should see the benefits! Infrared saunas are without a DOUBT the best at home sauna money could buy. 

Steam saunas on the other hand are traditionally separate rooms with an old school boiler that produces super humid steam at high temperatures. You used to have to visit a day spa to enjoy one of these, but now they offer luxurious yet affordable steam showers that can fit in any home or bathroom! It’s important to note that at home steam showers have tremendous health benefits as well!

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The At Home Sauna Pros and Cons

Whether or not to install an at home sauna is solely dependent on that amount of time that you would use it and the level of enjoyment from bringing a sauna into your home! To make it an easy decision we have included several of the key benefits and considerations with an at home sauna:



  • A sauna is a great tool to relieve stress and wind down without having to leave your home
  • There are tremendous health and wellness benefits that are proven by leading doctors 
  • It’s very easy to add your sauna into any home or room or you can even include one outside on your porch or backyard!
  • Anyone can assemble an infrared sauna or at home sauna without having to hire a professional technician 
  • An at home sauna or infrared sauna is simple a show stopper and aesthetically pleasing, so it’s a great addition to your home


  • If you are not handy you may have to hire a professional (low cost)
  • If you don’t make enough use of the at home sauna it might not justify spending the money
  • An at home sauna or infrared sauna or even steam shower can take up space in your home, leaving a little less room for activities ;) 
  • If you don’t like being healthy, then probably don’t get a sauna! haha


At Home Sauna Costs

At home sauna costs can get pretty pricey, but luckily there are a ton of different collections, options, sizes, and costs to choose from! A general range for an at home sauna is $3,500-$7,500 and then nominal costs if you need to install wiring to support the sauna’s power. 

For an at home steam shower, you expect prices between $4,000-$8,000 depending on the model and how luxurious you want to go. The great part about at home steam showers is that they are actually quite easy to install and they simply look amazing! I would also note that frequent infrared sauna or steam shower use will add a slight increase to your electricity bill. A small bill you pay for a big health boost!

The Ongoing Maintenance and Repair Costs

The great thing about both in home saunas that Sun Home provides and then steam showers is that they come with robust warranties. The Clearlight Infrared Saunas that we offer actually come supplied with a lifetime warranty! That’s because we believe in the craftsmanship and how the high-quality sauna will hold up over time and for generations to come. 

For more information or questions about an at home sauna or steam shower, feel free to contact us or give us a call at 1-844-6200.

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