4 Person Saunas

Our 4 person sauna selection is a great choice for those indulging in the social side of life. Whether it’s couples or friends, the ample room available in our 4 person Infrared Saunas and traditional saunas will provide a relaxing environment for everyone to detox in. Whether it’s Clearlight Sanctuary Yoga or our Retreat selections. Our collection ranges from indoor infrared saunas and outdoor infrared saunas that’ll suit your home no matter the design. They’re easy to install as these sauna kits are designed with you in mind.  Be sure to select the right type of wood for your sauna, from North American Basswood, Western Red Canadian Cedar.

No matter what you choose you’ll be ready to enjoy the full health benefits of an infrared sauna and experience a relaxing retreat in your own home sauna.

Want Exclusive Offers?

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