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Clearlight Outdoor™

Our selection of outdoor Clearlight infrared saunas by Jacuzzi come in two types of saunas. One style being the Sanctuary collection, known for its full spectrum infrared capabilities that aid in a variety of health benefits such as pain management, acne, and weight loss to our Premier collection is designed to help you sweat, improve circulation and relax your muscles. All Clearlight Saunas use wood from Eastern Canadian Cedar or the American Basswood, which are quality woods designed to withstand most outdoor weather conditions. Both of our saunas come with Bluetooth and stereo speakers and of course medical-grade chromotherapy lights. So when choosing between the two, it’s a simple matter of what kind of lifestyle you lead.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can infrared saunas be put outside?

Yes, infrared saunas can be put outside, provided they’re rated for all weather conditions. Clearlight saunas for instance are marked specifically for indoor/outdoor use, such as the Clearlight Sanctuary and Premier models.


How much does an outdoor infrared sauna cost?

Depending on the size of the outdoor infrared saunas, prices for a 1 person sauna start as low as the mid to high $4000 dollar range up to $10,000 for a 5 person sauna.


Do infrared Saunas use a lot of electricity?

Infrared Saunas electricity consumption based upon an hour use per day is roughly an equivalent of $5 per week. This means you can effectively benefit from your sauna with minimal cost to your wallet