Sauna Assembly

Assembly of your Clearlight® Infrared Sauna

Your Clearlight® infrared sauna is very straightforward to assemble and doesn't require any professional experience. No power tools are required for the overall assembly besides a screwdriver for the door handle and the included Allen wrench to attach the glass to the frame. Your infrared sauna is pre-configured and designed with intuitive craftsmanship allowing all of the components to connect together easily.

Before we ship the unit, your infrared sauna is assembled in the factory and is thoroughly tested to ensure it meets Clearlight's comprehensive quality control standards. The unit is then disassembled, packaged it up, and shipped it to your home in perfect condition. If you require assistance while configuring your sauna, simply email us at and we'd be happy to assist.

You can also download the assembly and user manuals using the following links:

Assembly of your Clearlight infrared sauna takes around 120 minutes depending on the size of the model (2-4 person in-home infrared sauna models available) or whether you are purchasing a Clearlight Premier model or Clearlight Sanctuary model.
Clearlight infrared saunas include a lifetime warranty on every single component, so you can relax in confidence that your investment is safe for life.

For an added visual, here is a video of a customer assembling the 3-person Clearlight Sanctuary unit in their home!

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