Sauna Assembly & Shipping Info

Assembly of your Sun Home Infrared Sauna

Indoor Saunas: Your Sun Home infrared sauna is very straightforward to assemble and doesn't require any professional experience. No power tools are required for the overall assembly besides a screwdriver for the door handle and the included Allen wrench to attach the glass to the frame. Your infrared sauna is pre-configured and designed with intelligent craftsmanship allowing all of the components to connect together easily. The intuitive Magne-SealTM system makes our saunas the easiest to assemble in the world- pieces essentially just snap together and fit into place!

Before we ship the unit, your infrared sauna is assembled in the factory and is thoroughly tested to ensure it meets comprehensive quality control standards. The unit is then disassembled, packaged it up, and shipped it to your home in perfect condition. If you require assistance while configuring your sauna, simply email us at and we'd be happy to assist.

Assembly of your Sun Home infrared sauna takes around 120 minutes depending on the size of the model (2-4 person in-home infrared sauna models available) or whether you are purchasing a Sun Home Equinox model or Sun Home Solstice model.

Outdoor Saunas: The Sun Home Luminar sauna and the Sun Home traditional outdoor saunas are more of a comprehensive installation than our indoor saunas and require at least 2-4 people. To ensure the best experience possible we do recommend using a contractor for installation but it's not required if you are proficient in assembling furniture or items of that nature. 

Before purchasing, we suggest watching this assembly video and installation manual which outlines every step in the installation process and what is required. Assembly of your Sun Home sauna takes approximately 3-4 hours depending on the size of the model (2-5 person sauna models available).

Any electrical service for your sauna must be performed by a qualified and licensed electrician with complete knowledge of local codes and regulations. Please reference the specifications tab in the product page for electrical requirements of your sauna.

It is also very important to note that the delivery arrives on a large pallet curbside. Please ensure you have multiple people present at time of delivery to accept the package. The freight company will de-load the pallet from the truck and place curbside for you, but will not bring the pallet into your driveway or home unless you pay for white-glove delivery (contact for more info on this service) so we recommend you having multiple people available to transport the pieces from inside pallet to your desired location. 

Once the sauna is on the ground, you will be responsible for moving the sauna pieces to where you want to install it. Luckily, most sauna pieces are light enough for 1-2 people to carry. To make things easier, we recommend having at least 2-4 helpers and a dolly or cart to move the heavier pieces.

Below are the dimensions of the Luminar 5 and Luminar 2 pallets: