Convert any room or sauna into a personal salt cave with the Clearlight® HALOONE® Halotherapy generator. Your HALOONE® is a practical way to enjoy therapeutic salt therapy in your sauna, home or office.

This award-winning device utilizes a liquid mixture of micronized salt particles that get dispersed into the air. The HALOONE® is the best halotherapy device on the market, producing salt particles of 1-10μ through our proprietary vibrating mesh technology, allowing for optimal performance in the respiratory system. It’s also quiet and easy to operate!

Halotherapy (aka salt therapy) is a holistic treatment that mimics the climate of a salt cave. The HALOONE™ halotherapy generator works wonders in an infrared sauna while providing added benefits to your wellness routine. Halotherapy has been studied to help with asthma, allergies, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, and other chronic lung diseases. It is also used to remedy colds, sinusitis, and unhealthy skin.

The HALOONE™ halotherapy generator, along with other Clearlight sauna products, is exclusively advocated for and used in clinical practice at Hippocrates Health Institute, Cleveland Clinic, Arcadia Cancer Clinic and Beth Israel Hospital.

Want to learn more about the incredible health benefits of salt therapy? Check out our blog post!

Unique Features & Specifications

  • Turns any infrared sauna, room, or office into a healing salt cave
  • Saline-based technology creates a micro-salt mist optimized to improve respiratory function
  • Saline cartridges are pre-measured for ease of use (30 cartridges included)
  • The HALOONE™ Halotherapy is portable and rechargeable

Spec Sheet

Clearlight® Halotherapy Generator

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HALOONE™ Halotherapy


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Yan Y.

I feel like I'm at a day spa when using this and my Clearlight sauna

It really gives you a moment of solitude peace and relaxation.

Priscilla B.

Working for asthma

Great product, helps me breath better and my skin is glowing

Jim Y.

The Sea is Within Reach

I have COPD and I am best able to breathe well on the beach. Since I don't live on the coast, the next best thing is my Halotherapy machine. I can use it several times a day or when I'm watching TV and I almost feel like I'm breathing fresh sea air!

Penny L.

Speeds up recovery

As a runner and someone with back and neck issues, this has been one of the best things I’ve ever come across. My pain has drastically decreased and my recovery time with running has greatly improved. Also the meditative aspects of it can not be matched. I highly recommend

Anthony J.

helps with aches and skin health

My husband and I use our Halotherpay with our sauna everyday primarily for skin health and muscle recovery which is really incredible.